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New Album: Rob Geer Releases Find Your Way Home on Bandcamp

Written by Priscilla Tasker

Rob Geer released his debut
album on December 27.
Independent artist Rob Geer announced the digital release of his full-length debut album, Find Your Way Home.

The 10-song track list is a compilation of songs Geer has written over several years; some had previously been recorded with Jeff Toy (A Little Bit of Orange EP) and Cellar Door Records ("It Might Be"). The gradual acquisition of new recording equipment empowered him to fine-tune the material into a completed project over the past three months.

Geer said the final product might have been released earlier, but a technological mishap delayed completion. A hard drive crash wiped out his post-production mixing work in November, causing him to revert back to older tracks, which had been saved. Despite the set back, Geer was able to present the final compilation this week, before the year's end.

"It feels great! I'm extremely happy to be done and to move on to some other things I've been working on," Geer said. "I took a little break from mixing everything, for things to feel fresh again, then finally finished a couple days ago."

Re-mixing revives early material
Two of the songs featured on the album had previously been released on A Little Bit of Orange EP in January 2010. The original recordings of "A Little Bit of Orange" and "Dead End" had more dark, progressive rock characteristics and lacked the higher-quality mixing of the new tracks. 
Geer released A Little Bit of Orange EP  as 
The Conductor and The Creator in January 2010.
The latest recording of “A Little Bit of Orange” opens with the song’s catchy blues riff, but Geer stripped it down. He swapped psychedelic guitar trills with clean chord progressions and harmonious picking, and replaced weighty drums with the light percussive flavor of a shaker.

"Dead End," as previously recorded, jumps right in with full guitar, drums and vocals. Geer takes his time in the new recording, building the essence with a lone guitar, followed by vocals and discreet bass tones. 

That patience and permeable space in the music speaks to the merit of the finished product. Geer has performed and released variations of most of the songs featured on Find Your Way Home at live shows and through digital demos. Now, in absolute form, these songs are evidence of Geer’s artistic growth and maturity. 

“They just weren’t how I wanted them to be heard, so I decided to add some extra things in here and there,” Geer said. "The A Little Bit Of Orange EP was recorded in Jeff Toy's attic and basement with all of his equipment. The only musicians on that are me and him, but I wanted to release acoustic versions of those songs because I feel like they fit as a whole with Find Your Way Home." 

Toy is credited on Geer's new album for his mixing and harmony work on “You Could Be All Mine.” The ethereal romantic ballad adds a touch of tenderness to an otherwise verbally grave collection.

Enlivened lyrics are illustrative, palpable
Geer is poetic. His lyrics are vivid, almost tangible. The inclination to write about sordid human endeavors in songs like "Human Nature" and "Assassin" is distinctive of his creative aesthetic.

"Human Nature," which features Dan Thompson's bass stylings, is a three-minute and 48-second dissertation on the faults of mankind. Geer compares men’s cold acts to the violent instincts of beasts, howling, "Packs of wolves kill their prey with one bite to the neck, and no one says a God damn thing. Their just wild animals – but what do you call us humans when we shoot people just for fun."

“Assassin” is a chilling account of a feigned lovers. Full and pure, Geer demonstrates his vocal power. The physical strain is audible as he cries out, “Call me the assassin. Call me what you will,” after taunting, “The way you tore apart your life, thinking every second chance wasn’t broken ‘til you found out everybody’s gone – and I just lied to you again.” 

The lyrical content of Find Your Way Home is complemented by alluring, well-crafted melodies ("Under Devil's Skin") and capacious harmonies ("Keepin' My..."). Geer delved into the depths to produce these auditory gems – and they are sparkling.

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