Sunday, January 1, 2012

Live from Bad Racket: Nights "Walk Away"

Lugging musical instruments and gear to a roof accessible only by a ladder and a ceiling exit is no easy task. But that’s what Director Aaron Freeder and the Bad Racket Recording Studio team had to do to pull off the Nights Live from Bad Racket video shoot last fall. In fact, Nights front-woman Jenna Fournier said the production team had to tie the drums with ropes and pull them up the side of the building.

Bethesda was the first band to be filmed on the roof of the studio on Lorain Avenue for the “Live” series. However, the Nights production was fittingly the first Live feature shot atop the building after dusk. Some residents in the Ohio City neighborhood apparently were not too thrilled with the raucous rockers performing amidst bright flashing lights late into the evening.

"Someone had actually called the cops on us. We had to quit for the night and come back the next day," Fournier said, adding that night two wrapped earlier in the evening to avoid another noise complaint.

Freeder released the Nights Live from Bad Racket music video via Vimeo on January 1. The black-and-white feature stars the band performing “Walk Away.”

"Aaron who shot it, i thought, is very talented," Fournier said. "He had a vision, and we just did what we do and played."

Live From Bad Racket - Nights from Aaron Freeder on Vimeo.

On being asked to join the Live from Bad Racket featured artists, Fournier said, "We were flattered, and they have done a lot in the year they've been around. They did it kind of as a perk for us recording there. If we were to hire someone to do that, it would be thousands of dollars. It's a nice promotional tool to have."

Nights recorded its upcoming full-length album with Bad Racket, but is still working on wrapping up the final product. Fournier said the group is re-tracking a few things and outsourcing mixing. The record is expected to release in early spring. The band is hoping to be on tour by summer. 

Nights' next show is at The Happy Dog on Tuesday, January 10. The band will play with psych-pop rockers DOM. 

Nights is also scheduled for February 18 at the Beachland Tavern. Twin Sister will headline the show featuring Ava Luna.

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