Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Muse: "Dime" Rachel Crow - New Single is Bold, Confident Female Anthem

Bubble pop singer Rachel Crow released the new music video for her coming-of-age single "Dime" on August 3, 2017, and with it she's telling the world—"I know my worth...and I won't settle for less."

The embullient 19-year-old from Mead, Colorado was originally discovered by The X Factor producers as a 13-year-old with belting vocals. Her top 5 placing on the show made her a household name in 2012 and piqued interest from television and music executives at Disney and Nickelodeon. She later signed a TV deal with the latter and released her first self-titled EP, produced and written by legendary Toby Gad, with Syco Music and Columbia Records.

Crow's latest single since her breakout in teen pop is the result of collaboration with up-and-coming producers Jack and Ryan Met (AJR). "Dime" is a modern female anthem channeling the spirit of Aretha Franklin's "I Will Survive." In the music video, a vivaciously fierce Crow vocalizes self-worth and confidence in this hip-pop dance tune as she makes it clear to an unqualified suitor that "I'm not just a penny you can pick up off the sidewalk."

For the ladies who unabashedly belt out your favorite songs in the shower or in the car with friends, 1) Add this to your playlist on iTunes or Spotify
2) Check out this cheeky lyric video released on Crow's YouTube channel so you can land every lyric like you are in the recording studio.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Flashback Friday: Billboard Hot 100 launched August 4, 1958

On August 4, 1958, an 18-year-old woman became the first songwriter with a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. The hit was "Poor Little Fool" (Imperial Records) performed by rockabilly crooner, Ricky Nelson, whose performance beat out The King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis Presley for the number one spot. (Presley's "Hard Headed Woman" ranked No. 4 on that week's chart.) The young woman who penned the lyrics and melody of "Poor Little Fool" was Sharon Sheeley, known for her work with Eddie Cochran, The Fleetwoods and Lee "Scratch" Perry.

That historic day marked the introduction of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. The powerhouse ranking of top pop songs in North America was the source of American Top 40 with Casey Kasem and continues to be now with Ryan Seacrest.

Music has evolved from those early days of rock 'n' roll. Fifty-nine years later, the No. 1 song on The Hot 100 as of August 4, 2017, is "Despacito" (Universal Music Group) by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber.

Additional No. 1 hits on this day throughout the decades include:

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Muse: "Drive Slow" Doc Robinson

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Doc Robinson shares a song and a tip for you morning commute: "Drive Slow." Wipe the Monday morning grog from your eyes and kickstart another week by reminiscing about the good times with this laid back roller off of Doc Robinson's first full-length album Deep End released on Saturday, July 22.

Doc Robinson is a project launched by Jonathan Elliot, frontman of The Floorwalkers, and Nick D'Andrea of Nick D. and the Believers. The duo incorporates an ensemble of central Ohio indie artists to complement its "Backyard BBQ" sound that mixes a throwback to Motown with midwest hometown grit.

Deep End is available on iTunes and Spotify

Friday, July 21, 2017

New Music: Among Savages, Vinny Vegas deliver sophomore albums

Summer 2017 is ripe with new sounds vibrating coast to coast. Whether you reside east, west or somewhere in between, we've got new music to help you wind down from the work week. 

On July 21, from Los Angeles, Among Savages released a sophomore album entitled Accounts of Friend and Foe. Meanwhile, Maryland-based Vinny Vegas also introduced its second full-length album, Clear the Walls

Each anthology is rather melancholy but artfully conveys the emotion in two stylistically different ways.

Among Savages - Accounts of Friend and Foe

Among Savages is the musical vision of songwriter Peter Barbee. Accounts of Friend and Foe is a 38-minute compilation of nine songs that meld alt-pop and contemporary classical undertones through an electronic listening experience. The songs are often characterized by ambient synthesized strings and effects accompanied by layered vocal choruses and tribalistic percussion. "What Goes Around," "If You See Her," and "Getting Older Quicker" open the album on an uptempo dance-pop whim that is swiftly swallowed by slow, pressing ballads. Among Savages' promotional website describes the act as a "living, evolving musical." When you listen to Barbee's works from The Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind to this latest release, the compositions truly read that way. The challenge that Barbee successfully executes across Accounts is that each song is undeniably tied but uniquely defined in its own right.  

  • The one to hear: No Such Thing 
  • The one you'll be singing: If You See Her 

  • The official release party will be held August 21, 2017 in conjunction with School Night! 
    presented by Chris Douridas and Matt Goldman (MFG) at Bardot in Los Angeles. 

    Album available on iTunes and Spotify.
    Vinny Vegas - Clear the Walls 

    Vinny Vegas, new album, 2017, Clear the Walls Vinny Vegas is a multi-instrumental progressive rock band that The Rhythm Report first discovered during its first run at an underground music club in Canton, Ohio in 2011. Clear the Walls is a nocturne collection of 10 songs spanning 36 minutes saturated by crawling guitar medleys folded into panoptic harmonies of keys, an ever-present bass and assaulting drum patterns. The songs seemingly blend together in casual listening but as a collection deliver a soulful, steady theme that are electrified by front man Scott Siskind's yowling vocals and Aaron Emmanuel Lee's talent on keys. 

    The band's four-stop record release tour begins in Boston, Mass. on July 28 with additional shows to follow in New York City, Philadelphia, Penn., and Baltimore, Maryland. Visit for details.

    Album available on iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp and SoundCloud.