Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bethesda showcases at SXSW 2013 (Interview with Shanna Delaney and Eric Ling)

Bethesda is making its second trip to South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Over the next three days, the folk-rock group has several showcases lined up including the Cleveland Rocks Showcase, which will also feature Winslow, Attack Cat and The Lighthouse and The Whaler.

Shanna Delaney (vocalist) and Eric Ling (guitarist/vocalist) invited The Rhythm Report into their home for an interview one week prior to their take off to SXSW. They talked about what they learned from their first experience at the massive music event in 2012 and what they are expecting from their 2013 "unofficial" tour at the festival.

The band's scheduled for showcases Thursday, March 14 through Saturday, March 16. Visit or follow the band on Twitter for updates.

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Interview conducted by Priscilla Tasker
Camera support provided by Stephanie Snyder

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Muse: Sean Benjamin "Love Me Like A Drug"

Musical artist Sean Benjamin released this devilish music video last fall to the tune of his 2011 track "Love Me Like A Drug." His acoustic-hip-pop sound melds with a rhythmic lounge groove in this confession of love obsession. The music video was produced by Cleveland-based FNA Productions, which is heading out to Los Angeles this week to represent its 48-Hour Film Project winner, Phemimenon, at 48HP Filmapalooza 2013.

Benjamin plays a free show at Buzzbin Art & Music Store in Canton on Friday, March 8 with Northeast Ohio staple, Oldboy, and Winslow, who recently released its sophomore album, Left of the Right Direction.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Music Video: The Modern Electric "All We Have Is Now"

For whom would you become a zombie? The Modern Electric's latest music video begs the question.  At the stroke of midnight on March 2, the band released a cinematic short feature complementing its single "All We Have Is Now."


Catering to the national zombie addiction, the video relates the dark commitment of a man to his beloved–in spite of her soulless condition as a bloodsucking, flesh-eating corpse. Initially, he runs from the exquisite monster as she chases him through a wooded path and neighborhood landmarks. Flashbacks to their relationship prior to her conversion reveal his enchantment with the girl. To preserve her existence, damned as it may be, he succumbs when he finds her threatened by a band of hicks ready to clobber the walking dead.

The script is a bizarre take on a love song, but the imagery and the audio will stick with you. Watch the video and share your thoughts.

The Modern Electric is up for best local act in Cleveland Scene's annual "Best of Cleveland" survey. See who else is on the list and vote here

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 artists 'Live from Bad Racket'; studio announces first compilation release

Source: Bad Racket Recording Studio
A multitude of sounds have been projected in the craft studio space of Bad Racket. During two years of operation, the production team has recorded and engineered a mix of full-length records and EPs and coordinated numerous live shows (on- and off-site events). Hundreds of songs have reverberated off the aged walls and colorful hand-fashioned partitions that enliven the open performance space.

Arguably one of the most successful endeavors helping to launch the studio out of Northeast Ohio obscurity is the Live from Bad Racket video series it launched in collaboration with Ohio Authority in 2010. To commemorate the growth of the video series, Bad Racket assembled––and will release on Nov. 20––its first compilation album reflecting the sundry musicians with whom the studio worked in its infancy.

The musical corpus comprises the first dozen artists and bands to be featured in the Live from Bad Racket series from 2010 through 2011. It is a diverse audio showcase, which includes tracks by Signals Midwest, Nick Zuber, The Family Womack Band, and Thaddeus Anna Greene. [Full track listing available here.]

"I've been planning this for a long time. Basically, since we did the first video I wanted to release the audio," said Thomas Fox, Bad Racket co-owner and studio manager. "It's been two years since I first started thinking about this."

Signals Midwest was the first band to appear in a Live from Bad Racket music video. The group's guitarist and vocalist, Max Stern, recollects his early experiences with the studio.

"I was kind of the guinea pig," Stern said, attributing his Bad Racket introduction to his acquaintance with studio co-founder Adam Wagner. Stern was working at Go Media, a marketing and design agency located two floors above the studio on Lorain Avenue in Ohio City. Wagner invited him and his band to demo some tracks in the recording space, which was still bare-walled and lacking a proper audio control panel. Despite meager aesthetics in the performance chamber, Stern said the pre-session hangouts and listening parties made the difference. He scheduled Signals Midwest for a recording session in October 2010. That month, the Live from Bad Racket series was born with the recording and filming of "In Tensions."

"I didn't know Live from Bad Racket was going to become this big thing," Stern said, adding, "We must have played that song 15 to 20 times that day because the director, Aaron Freeder, only had one camera."

Stern admitted he was sick of the song by end of the day. However, the overall experience and resulting product led to an official recording session for Signals Midwest's full-length album, Latitudes and Longitudes––another first for Bad Racket. [Wagner and Stern recount the experience in this recent Bad Racket blog post and interview.] 

"I feel like we got on the ground floor of something really awesome," Stern expressed.

Since then, the band has recorded several smaller projects, including a couple of split 7" records with ally bands French Exit and Shady Ave. Stern even recorded a solo acoustic project, Meridian, at the studio.

"I don't feel the need to go anywhere else," Stern said. Describing Bad Racket's recording process as "open, communicative," he explained, "I felt really taken care of as a musician, like they wanted the output  to sound as good as I wanted it to."

Launch event – Part I

Signals Midwest will headline the first of four launch events to promote the Live from Bad Racket compilation album on Friday, November 16.

"Thomas has put together four really cool shows. Each kind of reflects a different genre so this is kind of the 'punk rock' show," Stern said. "I'm excited we're headlining. I feel like we've been together since the beginning. It's cool to carry it over into this."

Accompanying Signals Midwest for Friday's show are:

The event will be held at Bad Racket Recording Studio, 4507 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102.

Official release details

On Nov. 20, the Live from Bad Racket compilation album will be available through online vendors i-Tunes and Amazon. Hard copies will be available at exclusive Northeast Ohio venues: Music Saves, Room Service and The Root Cafe. Pre-ordering for digital or hard-copy editions of the album is open now through BandCamp.